Vital Fluids Analysis Report Card - OE German Brands
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VITAL FLUID ANALYSIS 5-Spot Black OE North American & European Dealerships

Black – Custom / Private Label for Dealerships
Diagnostics for: North American & European Transmission, Power Steering & Brake Fluids
Differential & Transfer Case Oils
100 ea. 5-Spot Report Cards
100 ea. Customer Brochures
One Fluid Sampling Tool with Instructions
PART# 95120-B

This custom / private label Report Card designed for new car dealerships provides testing and diagnostics for specific OE vital fluids including FORD, GM, Chrysler, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo, Range Rover..


The Vital Fluids Analysis Report Card gets your customers to say “YES” to needed fluid services. Empower your customers by showing them the true condition of their vehicle’s vital fluids so they can base their preventative maintenance decisions on science. Our Blueprint-for-Success makes it easy for any service center to implement Vital Fluids preventative maintenance into their current Multi-Point Inspection (MPI).

The “BLACK” Vital Fluids Analysis Report Card, Part 95120-B is designed specifically for Fixed Ops use at German Dealerships such as: Mercedes, Audi/ VW, BMW/ MINI, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Volvo. The Report card is also applicable to Nissan/ Infiniti, Ford/ Lincoln/ Mercury, GM/ Chevy/ Buick/ Cadillac, Chrysler/ Dodge/ JEEP, and Honda/ Acura. This Report covers Pentosin CHF 11S Power Steering Fluid  and CVT Transmission Fluid that German Car Manufacturers are currently using in their vehicles power steering and continuously variable transmissions.

Vital Fluids Analysis Report Card Description:

The inner panels of the Vital Fluids Analysis Report Card have a five spot test sheet framed by the six diagnostic charts. Also on the inside is instructions for testing and analysis and helpful customer information.

The exterior panels provide your customer with an overview of the science of chromatographic analysis, the importance of performing preventative maintenance and the benefits of servicing depleted fluids. The center panel on the back of the Report Card provides an area for documentation of the customer, the vehicle, the service provider name and location.

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