Multi-Fluid Spot Test Kit w/Diesel Motor Oil
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INSTANT LUBRICANT TEST w/Crankcase & Diesel Oil Part #70600

Diagnostics for Brake, Power Steering, Transmission, Crankcase & Gear Oils. Contains 100 Six Spot Test Sheets w/ ISO Laboratory Comparison Charts & Includes One Fluid Sampling Tool.



  • Testing & Diagnostics for: DOT 3 & DOT 4 Brake / Conventional & F-Series Power Steering /
    Dexron & Mercon Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) / Differential, Transfer Case, & Manual Transmission Fluids / Crankcase & Diesel Motor Oil / Diesel Fuel Dilution
  • 100 Six Spot Test Sheets with ISO Laboratory Comparison Chart
  • One Teflon Fluid Sampling Tool, from Part #00808-5, with Science & Technology Overview / Testing & Diagnostics Instructions

This kit provides cost effective testing and diagnostics for all conventional fluids and oils. It is ideal for all service and repair centers as well as fleet operations. It comes with a fluid sampling tool and a tri-fold ISO diagnostics chart for analysis of conventional brake fluid, power steering, ATF and gear and motor oils. It provides testing and analysis of a fluid’s condition for establishing preventative maintenance service intervals or to verify your fluid service recommendations.

Use the Customer Fluid Evaluation Countertop Mat with the 40240-2 Kit. This is your turnkey solution to take your fluid preventative maintenance service business to the next level by showing your customer when fluid services are needed.

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