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Magna-Guard Science & Technology

Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets were designed with the aid of technical assistance and information provided by engineers at Allied Signal Corp, the manufacturers of FRAM oil filters.

At their recommendation, Magna-Guard commissioned the same independent laboratory they use, Testand Corporation, to conduct SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) tests to verify Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets are engine safe and do not void engine or manufacturer’s warranties. Figures 1 & 2 demonstrate no significant changes to the flow characteristics of the oil filter with the Magna-Guard Magnet installed versus the oil filter with out the Magna-Guard Magnet. It is also noted that the Magna-Guard Magnet did not move with the oil filter throughout the flow testing.

Figure 1: Resistance to Flow without Magna-Guard Magnet

Resistance to Flow with out Magna-Guard

Figure 2: Resistance to Flow with Magna-Guard Ma gnet

Resistance to Flow with Magna-Guard

Click here to view full data for Fig.1 and Fig.2 with analysis.


An independent oil analysis test conducted by Titan International verifies that Magna-Guard controls particle contamination in motor oil down to 0.5-microns. (See Titan International PPM Test Reports)

These independent test reports demonstrate Magna-Guard is engine safe, does not void warranties, and controls particle contamination down to 0.5-micron, a 40-times improvement over a filter without the benefit of Magna-Guard.

Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnet before installation
(magnified 10X)


Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnet after initial oil change
(magnified 10X)


The particles captured on the magnet are in the 10-micron* range. Normally they would pass through the oil filter and continue to build up on engine surfaces. With continuous use, Magna-Guard will be virtually free of wear particles for it checks the chain-reaction-of-wear.


* Note: A Red Blood Cell is 5-7 microns in size.

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