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Technical Overview

All modern lubricants contain additives that inhibit breakdown.  As these additives are depleted the fluid degrades and is no longer able to perform its intended function.

Fluid Rx Diagnostics is a patented radial planar chromatographic analysis tool that provides a measure of additive depletion, its dispersant properties and the level of sludge or debris in a lubricant.

The material and density of the test medium is unique and made to a specific specification to provide consistence calibration of lubricant chromatograms to laboratory analysis.  This same filter paper is use in the medical industry to separate blood cells and in the nuclear industry to identify particle contamination in a solution.

As a drop of fluid percolates through the unique Fluid Rx Diagnostics filter paper, bands and/or zones of different hues, densities, and even unwanted wear metals and debris form a chromatogram.  Changes in the appearance of these zones or bands are a clear indication that something in the lubricant has changed.  A closer look at the zones, their unique formation, and the debris fields contained therein reveal high particle counts that can be correlated to ISO (International Standards Organization) Code.

The chromatograms in each fluid diagnostic chart, pictures of fluids at various stages of condition, are correlated to laboratory analysis by SGS Herguth Laboratories of Vallejo California.  Simply compare the sample chromatogram to our diagnostic chart.


This sample is slightly darker than new and absorbs into the test medium very quickly.


This sample has become darker due to normal degradation and the presence of wear debris.  Although this fluid will provide some protection the degradation process will become much faster.


This sample has gone beyond its useful service life and needs to be changed immediately.  Making sure your fluids never get to this stage will save many dollars in needless repairs and extend the service life of the vehicle.

Fluid Rx Diagnostics is not a color test like Fluid Dab-Trays.

Fluid Rx Diagnostics is correlated to laboratory analysis.  It provides “Scientific Verification” when a fluid should be serviced, regardless of OE time / mileage recommendations, by measuring additive depletion, dispersant properties and the total sludge or debris content of fluid and oils.

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