Why Fluid Testing is Necessary?
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Why Fluid Testing is Necessary?

Historically, fluid services intervals have been specified by the OEM. These recommendations are based on mileage and time, or in other words; time-in-service. Time-in-service preventative maintenance recommendations are better than no recommendation; but they do not take in account such variables as:

  • Specific vehicle condition driving conditions
  • Customer drivings habits
  • Type of driving (city, highway, off road, and/or towing)
  • Road conditions
  • Weather
  • Age and condition of the vehicle

All of these variables can have a significant impact on fluid life. Therefore, a combination of time-in-service and condition based analysis provides a much more complete method for establishing and recommending fluid change services.

Our Instant Lubricant Diagnostics™ and Vital Fluid Analysis™ Report Cards are simple and easy to use tools that show when a fluid services are needed. In a matter of minutes, a technician can test and analyze the condition of the following fluids:

  • Transmission Fluids
  • Power steering Fluids
  • Brake Fluids
  • Differential Fluids
  • Transfer Case Fluids
  • Crankcase Oil

The scientific test results are shown on a convenient Report Card that can be reviewed with the customer in a format that is simple to present and easy to understand.

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