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Blueprint-for-Success Training

Blueprint-for-Success Process with Instructional Videos

Instant Lubricant Testing shows your customers WHY and WHEN fluid services are required. This gives you instant credibility in your service recommendations.

Please click here first for an overview: Youtube Video

The following process and instructional videos make it simple, quick and easy to add instant fluid testing to your Multi Point Inspection (MPI).

  1. Add Vital Fluid Analysis to your MPI for vehicles that are more than 2 years old or that have exceeded 20,000 miles. (View Service Advisor Presentation Video)
  2. Hand your customer our brochure or show them the Customer Fluid Evaluation Chart. Explain the benefits of proper fluid preventative maintenance and the technology you are using to test their fluids.
  3.  Perform the tests in accordance with our fluid sampling guidelines and mark the results. (Technicians MUST SEE this “how-to” Video)
  4. Inform your customer about OEM fluid recommendations, then show them the results of each fluid tested. Point out which fluids are “GOOD” as well as those that require servicing. (Service Advisor Test Results Video)
  5. Offer to perform all required and suggested fluid services.
  6. Perform a post test after each service. The fluid must test “GOOD” or the service must be repeated. (Technician Video)

Higher Ticket Averages & Growing Car Counts – Fluid Testing can take your business to the next level – increasing fluid preventative maintenance service sales by as much as 300% in the first 90 days.

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