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Hi Ron,

I believe the MPI report is an essential tool for every ASM. It’s a document that allows the service department to convey the status or health of each customer’s vehicle to them in an easy to understand format.

When we provide the customer with an accurate, neatly completed MPI report during their very first service visit, we begin to establish credibility and trust in our facility and staff. We continue to build on that credibility and trust by providing them with a MPI report during every subsequent service visit.

When we have the opportunity to start early in the ownership cycle of a vehicle, the credibility and trust that we build is even greater and the opportunity to keep the customer coming back for all of their service needs is increased.

When a customer gets a MPI form with all green checks assuring them that everything is well with their vehicle, they feel good about their visit and this interaction begins to foster trust. Later in the life of the vehicle when they start to see some yellow boxes checked, they are being prepared for future service needs in a very familiar format. Those future service needs, along with cost estimates, are always reviewed with every customer.

Finally, when the customer sees red checks for items that were once yellow checks on their prior MPI report, they are much more receptive to discussing needed services or repairs and therefore, more likely to have those recommend services performed. Customers will often refer back to their earlier MPI reports when red checked items are brought to their attention and remark that they remember being told about that item needing to be serviced in the future during an earlier visit.

Customers that have trust in their service department will spend more money on service and repair visits over the life cycle of their vehicle than those customers that don’t. The use of a MPI report is an integral tool in building and maintaining those relationships.

Jamie Six, Fixed Operations Director

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