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Laboratory Proof

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the Vital Fluids Analysis Program. As Shop Foreman, I am responsible for production of the shop, ensuring that the recommendations from our technicians to our clients are credible and that the work performed is accurate.

Prior to installation of the Vital Fluids Analysis Program, fluid service recommendations to our customers were based either on the opinion of a technician or on a time and mileage recommendation by the chemical company’s opinion.

After going thru the Vital Fluid Analysis Program training, I now realize that the depletion of additives occurs based on how the vehicle is operated. Also, with the Fluid Diagnostics Program, we now have laboratory proof to base our recommendations.

The Vital Fluid Analysis Program has given my technicians a tool that ensures consistent recommendations to our customers. This has given our Service Advisors much more confidence in obtaining customer approval for the needed service.

The written process gives me the tools necessary to ensure that testing and documentation is performed correctly….and if it was not, I use the written processes to demonstrate the correct method to my technician.

The posttest requirement ensures that the component was serviced correctly and that the customer got what they paid for. This demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that the job was done right so that our customers trust us and will return for future service as needed.

Thanks for bringing the Vital Fluid Analysis Program to our dealership. It has better assisted me to fulfill my responsibility as the Shop Foreman.

Darrell Wageman, Shop Foreman
Dan Cava Toyota World

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