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Seeing is Believing


I don’t think I have ever actually discussed the results of implementing your product and process in my service department. I was introduced to the fluid diagnostic sheets a few years ago in the Tacoma Washington area. It sounded like a great way to tie fluid conditions into our multi point inspectionn instead of just recommending based off of time/miles or color.

The beauty of being able to present inspection results with confidence to customers showed immediate results. The “RED, YELLOW, GREEN” theme works seamlessly with our MPI’s “PASS, CAUTION, FAIL”. This additional confidence lead to definitive word tracts that the advisors began using and they closed more sales.

The first time I saw this make a significant impact was when I implemented the process in one of my express service lanes. We averaged nearly 40 cars per day, but we were consistently at the bottom of the list compared to our other stores in the group. Fluid exchange services were tracked monthly by the organization and the results were emailed and posted. We began using the diagnostic sheets, gave the advisors simple menus and a few word tracts and the needle moved quickly!  We went from the bottom of the list to the number 2 or 3 position which was over much larger stores in the group.

I implemented this process at the Toyota dealership I am at and we immediately saw a 300% increase in fluid exchange services. We are pacing for much more than that since everyone has acclimated to the process and believes in the product.

Seeing is believing and this eliminates any argument out of presenting fluid conditions to your customers. Thank you for an innovative product that has increased my success as a service manager.

Don Fritz, Service Manager
Rogers Toyota Scion

2203 16th Ave
Lewiston, ID 83501

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