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There Is No ‘Hard Selling’

I am writing to express my appreciation to you for introducing me to the Vital Fluids Analysis Program. I would like to share with you our results, to date, from the program.

In seven months, we have generated $64,672.65 in parts and service gross profit. I have spent $2662.20 on the Vital Fluid Analysis report cards, giving me a $62,010.45 return on investment. This is better than what you told me it would do. Based on the last seven months, I will generate $110.866.28 in additional parts and labor gross profit for 2014 from this program!!

I have included the Vital Fluid Analysis Program in the used car reconditioning and now know that fluid services are only being recommended when they need to be serviced and not on the opinion of the technician. This has improved the relationship between the Service Department and my Used Car Manager. It has also ensured that when a used car customer returns to my Service Department to have their vehicle serviced, they are not being told that fluids need serviced, since this should have been completed before the sale of the vehicle. The customer is shown and explained the results of the test. This is allowing the customer to make an informed decision.

The Vital Fluid Analysis Program provides laboratory results to support the recommendations to the customer. This means there is no “hard selling” the customer.

Not one customer complaint! The written processes are the key to the program. Written processes keeps everyone accountable.

We are always looking for processes to increase gross profit and to deliver quality service. The Fluid Science Program does just that!

As you can see, the Vital Fluid Analysis Program not only provided the results you said it would, it exceeds those results.

Thank you!!

Shawn Ball, Dealer Principal
L&S Toyota of Beckley

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