Ford Approves the Use of FluidRx Diagnostics®

Fluid Rx Diagnostics® the leader in instant lubricant testing and evaluation announced that Ford Motor Company has approved the use of its Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) diagnostic kit using Patented Radial Planar Chromatographic Technology and assigned
it a Rotunda part number 199-00071

After months of rigorous testing by Ford’s engineers, the automaker determined that the unique qualities and accuracy of the Fluid Rx Diagnostics testing and evaluation system provide superior on-site analysis of the vital lubricant within Ford transmissions.



  • Better MPG
  • Longer engine life
  • Less pollution
  • Better vehicle performance
  • Less scheduled maintainence

The leader in instant lubricants diagnosis.

Recent news

-- Effective: June, 2014 -

FluidRx Diagnostics™ by Magna-­‐Guard announced it has reached a strategic alliance,with Asbury Environmental Services (AES) to distribute a private label of its instant fluid testing and analysis tools.

-- Effective: May, 2014 --

“Lifetime Fluid” -- although this buzzword sells cars for the OEMs, at what expense to the dealerships? And are new car owners now stuck with a ticking

More News

Fluid Rx Diagnostics®, the leader in instant lubricant testing and evaluation, has expanded its line of chromatographic technology analysis tools to include Nissan’s newest proprietary Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) fluid.

Cara Castro Joins Fluid Rx Diagnostics®
-- Effective October 2013 --

Fluid Rx Diagnostics®, a division of Magna-Guard, Inc., announced that Cara Castro has joined the company as its Vice President of Customer Service.

Fluid Rx Diagnostics® Strategic Alliances moving forward
-- Effective October 2013 --

Fluid Rx will cease operations and announce the formation of a strategic alliance and new business structure moving forward.



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