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Fluid Rx Diagnostics: The Leader in Automotive Fluid Testing

Fluid Rx Diagnostics: The Leader in Automotive Fluid Testing

Leader in Automotive Fluid Testing

Developed by Ron McElroy, the creator of Magna-Guard Oil Filter Magnets, Fluid Rx Diagnostics allows industry professionals and consumers alike to determine when fluid services are needed based on the true condition of automotive lubricants.Fluid Rx Diagnostics is now the leader in automotive fluid testing.

Beginning in 2002, in conjunction with SGS Herguth Laboratories, McElroy began offering a low-cost, easy to perform, and highly accurate automotive fluid testing that mirrored laboratory results. This simple yet effective one-drop test was made to act as a means in which service writers and customer service personnel could interact with customers without bias or opinion. For over a decade, it has been a straightforward method of communicating the vehicle’s actual fluid needs in conjunction with or in advance of manufacturer’s time/mileage recommendations.

The award winning Fluid Rx Diagnostics by Magna-Guard, Inc. has earned the trust and accreditation of many industry agencies. Our Instant Lubricant Diagnostics kit has been awarded the Professional Tool & Equipment News Innovation Award, “Preventative Maintenance Tool of the Year”.

Initially created to help the service and oil change industry, it is here where Fluid Rx Diagnostics proved to be a powerful tool as well as providing a significant boost in customer relations. As more and more OE affiliated dealership fixed-operations discovered the process, a unique and specialized training program was developed to help maximize the application of Vital Fluid Analysis. To date, thousands of service providers have utilized our automotive fluid diagnostics tools and have seen fluid sales double and triple within a few months. At the same time, the Fluid Rx Diagnostics Vital Fluid Analysis program has increased customer satisfaction by allowing consumers to be active participants in these preventative maintenance decisions.

The Fluid Rx Diagnostics process is on-going. Under McElroy’s leadership, his team of industry experts monitor the state of the automotive lubricant industry in an effort to stay ahead of the new blends and propriety fluids.

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